Dr. John Connolly

Dr. John Connolly

Department of Linguistics and Languages, McMaster University

John Connolly uses brain imaging tools to study cognitive functioning in acquired brain injuries (stroke, traumatic brain injury) and neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism; the common theme being the creation of tools enabling assessment of patients who are impossible to assess with traditional measures due to their significant communication impairments

He is the Senator William McMaster Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and the founding Director of the new Centre for Advanced Research in Experimental & Applied Linguistics (ARiEAL) where he also co-directs the Language Memory & Brain Laboratories (LMBLabs). A former Chair of the Department of Linguistics and Languages, he is an Associate Member of the Department of Medicine, School of Biomedical Engineering, and Faculty of Science at McMaster. He has published extensively, served as an Editorial Board Member and later as Associate Editor of “Clinical Neurophysiology”, and reviews for a variety of journals. He holds a patent for EEG technology to assess cognitive brain injury/disorders of consciousness that is being commercialized.
Professor Connolly’s research has received support from national and international funding agencies for almost 40 years. He has served as a consultant for a variety of organizations including: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, National Institutes of Health (USA), Department of Defense (USA), March of Dimes (USA), Scottish Rite (USA & Canada) and for public and private organizations in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Flanders, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA.



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